2019 Lotte World Tower International Sky Run x Prinker

Sky Run x Prinker

A challenge to inspire the world. 

On Saturday, Apr. 6, 2019, 2019 Lotte World Tower International Sky Run challenged the limitations of physical strength of runners with 2,917 steps up to the 123rd floor of Lotte World Tower. This vertical race promotes health and the idea of challenging your limits.

Prinker partnered with Lotte World Tower International Sky Run and provided temporary tattoo service to keep spirits up.

Challenge to the top!

Challange to the top accepted!

Self-confidence is one of the most important predictors of running performance!

Is everyone in their positions? OK then,ready, steady, go!

The record was broken! 555 meters, 123 floors, 2917 steps in just 15’37”!



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